What is “lifestyle photography”?

Lifestyle photography. Family photojournalism. Visual storytelling.

What does all of that mean exactly?

There are lots of great photographers all over Florida, all over the world actually, who can take a beautiful picture of you and your family. You meet out in a field somewhere, you wear matching clothes that were purchased for the sole purpose of the photo shoot, you beg your kids to please look at the camera and stop whining and just get through this for a few more minutes.

The thing about the picture, as perfect as it may be, is that it really doesn’t tell a story. It doesn’t say much about your family except what you looked like and what color schemes were popular that year. But I get it, you need a Christmas card. Grandma wants a picture with everyone smiling. Those types of pictures have their place.

But there is another type of photograph that I think will mean more to you in say, twenty some odd years.

A picture that will remind you not only what your life looked like, but what it felt like. The contagious smile on your toddler’s face when she sees the bubbles come out. The way your newborn’s feet were so tiny that even the smallest socks created just swallowed them whole. The intricacies of your everyday routine that suddenly, and without warning, became memories.

I think your real life deserves more than a few iPhone shots posted to Instagram. I believe that the camera should come out, not just during holidays and special occasions, but on lazy Sunday afternoons and weeknight trips to the grocery store. I believe stories are hidden everywhere, in every single day.

Those stories deserve to be told.

Let me tell your story.

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