Welcome Ella Grace! {in-hospital newborn session}

Remember that beautiful expectant mother and her sweet little girl Claire that I photographed last month?

Well, early on the morning of  July 6th, another sweet little GIRL made her grand entrance into the world! Ella Grace came into the world quickly and quietly – pretty much the exact opposite of her sister. Content to be swaddled or held, Ella barely made a peep and was easily consoled.

Although it was just a few weeks since our last photo session, Claire seemed older somehow as she told me how she was the big sister and would always be the oldest no matter how old they both got. Protective and loving, she told me all about babies and sisterhood as if Ella had always been part of their family. How is it that less than 36 hours after her birth, tiny Ella Grace had forged such a big piece of everyone’s hearts?

Maybe she was always just under the surface, even before she was born. Like a blurry memory or a beautiful dream where you wake up too fast and no matter how you try, you can’t quite remember it. Until one day, that dream becomes real. And you know that everything is right in the world. Everything is perfect.

Katy, Michael, Claire & Ella – it was a privilege to document some of your first moments together as a family of four.

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