The Documentary Approach

What people are saying about The Documentary Approach

“Goodness, I don’t know that I can give this class enough praise. While documentary photography is a genre I’ve been drawn to for a long time, I just couldn’t pull it all together in my own work. I lacked the confidence and my photos lacked that special feeling I was after. I signed up on a whim and with little to no expectations. I didn’t really know what to expect or even what it was I was hoping to gain. But that whim has paid off ten fold! This class blew me away from day one. Jessica and her TA’s were top notch. The course material was thorough, the conversations were on point and the feedback was amazing. I could go on and on and on. But in short, if you have any interest in documentary photography or are looking for more from yourself and your photos, put this class at the top of your list. You will not be disappointed! Best I’ve ever taken on CM.” — Elaina


“I can’t say enough good about this class. Jessica and the TAs were all so helpful. I loved all the in-depth discussions that took place, and the feedback was fantastic. I’m a birth photographer, and so many of the things I learned in this class will help me be better at that. The class also has transformed the way I think about my day-to-day shooting. I’m no longer afraid to miss moments of my life, because they lack some element of photographic perfection. I’ve now even done my first DITL as a result of this class, something I always saw as too daunting to take on in the past. Now I’ll be doing it multiple times a year, no doubt! If you’re undecided about this class, just stop thinking and sign up! You won’t regret it!!” — Heather M. 


“This workshop was the best workshop I participated in so far on CM. Jessica’s and the TA’s involvement in the course was amazing and the material was brilliant. I always wondered how photographers manage to catch the “decisive moments” in life – I finally got an answer. The class was definitively an eye opener for me. I very much liked the many lively discussions among the participants and the TAs and AHs. You will get the most out of CM classes when shooting every day. This is the more true for this workshop. Applying the concepts I learned in class was for sure challenging and brought me to my boundaries but I learned a ton and now know much better what kind of photos I want to take and on what I still need to work on technical wise. It is definitively worth running for this course!” — Julianne


“This class is AMAZING! I have taken quite a few classes at Clickin Moms (all study alongs because by the time I get around to registering the full participation is sold out). If you have the opportunity to take this as a full participation student do it. The amount of information Jessica provides is invaluable. The pictures, the stories she shares, the inspiration, it is all game changing. Even the TA’s are amazing and are so eager to help. The feedback all of them provide is awesome (I found myself reading their critiques of all the full participation students and got a lot of helpful insights here-but no where near as helpful as if I had been a full participation student). Run to sign up for this class, you will not be disappointed.” — Terri


“I follow Jessica’s work for 3 years now so when I saw that she has a workshop coming up I knew I had to take it. I was late signing up for the first run and was considering SA seat but decided at the end to wait for the second run. Gosh I was so glad I did!!! This class is so amazing and I wouldn’t give up my FP seat for nothing!! Even though I learnt a ton from listening to the critiques on other participants assigmnent, more than anything I wanted to hear what Jessica and her wonderful TAs have to say about my work and progress. Jessica is an amazing teacher and her and TAs feedback was invaluable!!! If you love this style of photography don’t hesitate to sign up and prepare yourself for 4 weeks of learning from the best and overall incredible expierence. If there is ever a Documentary Approach part 2 I will be first one in line to sign up!!” — Agata C.