That time we went to New Orleans

Ok so it was technically Ponchatoula and it was technically last month before this blog existed. But I took some of my favorite “real” images while visiting my brother-in-law and his family. It was the first time Isla had really really played with her cousins (last visit the girls were really just infants) and it pretty much warmed my heart. There is just something about cousins 🙂

P.S. New Orleans is special to us as well because after our March 2011 trip, we came home to find out we were pregnant with Little Miss Meow. 😀 We were soooo excited!!! And then immediately started worrying about all those Hand Grenades I had consumed during our ghost tour… luckily, I was still very early along and Isla turned out perfectly normal! 😉

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  • Amber Michele Shankland - I don’t know how to make it indent!!! But omg yes it’s like your ovaries KNOW! ReplyCancel

  • Maria Gernert Conover - I love that you call Isla Miss Meow!ReplyCancel

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  • Jessica Thomason - I love that you call Elyza “Punkie” .. hehehehe 😀ReplyCancel