Texas with a Toddler {San Antonio}

I finally carved out a few minutes to blog our family trip to San Antonio! I kept putting it off because I took way too many pictures and wanted to take my time editing but in the end, life just kept going to fast and I really just wanted to share!

I’ll keep this more picture-y than word-y. Isla was actually pretty good for the plane ride part (the part I was scared about). It turns out she’s much more of a lunatic in Mexican restaurants which Texas has plenty of 🙂 The good news is they sell several varieties of margaritas (Coronaritas and “the swirl” were our favorites!) which takes care of most of the embarrassment.

As I was Blogstomping these images I realized 75% of them were taken in Mi Tierra. We ate there twice and it was AMAZING both times! We also ate at a bunch of other places I forgot… mostly I remember drinking a lot of Swirls (frozen margarita & sangria mixture) 😀 and… yeah just that pretty much!

Plus this was like a month ago so I wouldn’t remember anymore, Swirls or no Swirls.




Off to a rough start but hopeful…

‘Maybe if I buy her a fuzzy, pink cat neck pillow she’ll be entertained for 2 hrs and 50 min…’ says Daddy to himself 🙂

Hey it’s Mommy just way skinnier!

Her iPad was packed so she just stole this lady’s.

Hotel bed bouncin’

I was counting on beautiful hotel window light. It might be the main reason I tagged along on this business trip. I figured if Isla and I were gonna be trapped in a hotel room for 5-6 hrs a day I would be happy taking portraits with giant windows in a room other than the ones in our house… unfortunately all the beautiful light was blocked by the indoor/outdoor pool! Isla enjoyed the view though 🙂

The first Tex Mex restaurant of many… can’t remember the name!

First Swirl of like 28.

7th tantrum of 138.

Please don’t throw my phone across the street…… 😛

Lots of downtime in the hotel. Isla watched Disney Channel (not Jr) – so grown!


Starbucks Banana Walnut Bread. Yum!

She found treasures…

Pictures by Daddy <3

Maybe a nap before dinner will reduce the chance of a meltdown!


Mi Tierra!

Nap didn’t really do the trick… she wanted down and to run wild!

She wins. She always wins 😉

Mariachi paparazzi style…

Ahhhh my swirls!!!!!


They were playing for $8 but this gentlemen gave us a freebie 😉 Who can resist my little señorita??

Well she obviously had to get up and dance to the music!

I was trying to take a picture of the chandelier but I think that lady thought I was taking a picture of her hat. And I was only kind of doing that.

Another day, another photo shoot 😉

Swirls and Coronaritas…. 🙂


She might have a tiny bit of cabin fever.

Let’s but on a cute little Mexican dress on her and maybe she’ll calm down or at least blend in.

No pictures inside the Alamo! 🙁

A steakhouse that I’ve forgotten the name of but it was awesome! Also, the swirls were good. Sorry it has to be said.

Sprite lover… so scared I’ll take it away!

Back to Mi Tierra!

The Riverwalk…

The boat ride started out pretty good… until she completely lost it at the very end and I was forced to nurse her to keep the other passengers from murdering me. It wasn’t quite dark enough to justify it without so much as a cardigan to cover myself with. But it was an emergency!!!

A new day! A trip to the park before our trip back home!

Getting all her energy out before the plane ride 🙂

She seems in a good enough mood…. ;-/

She actually did awesome on the plane! It was the 3 hr wait at baggage claim because of lightening that kind of did us in. All in all though, she really was such a trooper 😀

Home late but in time to enjoy the beautiful sunset from the bridge <3

  • Hannah Mayo - You captured the story of the trip so well. Beautiful work.ReplyCancel

  • alana rasbach - i love your work so much, Jessica!! and your narration is hilarious too. we just took a trip too (and stayed in a hotel with little ones) and i need to finish editing and posting…ReplyCancel

  • Alison Winterroth - Love these. Seriously, you are really amazing. I really need to get better at documenting our trips like this because these are such a great memory!ReplyCancel

  • Amber Michele Shankland - OMG! I don’t even know where to begin. I’m exhausted a little just reading it! BUT you captured so much of this trip and it’ll be fun to look back on years later once you’ve all recovered from the meltdowns! 😉 LOVE the pictures of them putting flowers on her head at the restaurant. I need the Swirl recipe! Find it! <3ReplyCancel

  • Maria Gernert Conover - So.many.things. First is she sleep texting/phoning in the second picture? Second I love all of them. Yes all Daddy’s think that materialistic things will make their babies happy. But I think it’s because they know materialistic things makes mommies happen. Well at least my husband knows that…don’t judge…or do. Whatever. I love that she took over someone else’s ipad, that’s being assertive. She is a natural born leader. I love the perspectives of the first and last pictures taken in the hotel room. Please tell me that you took her hotel swimming. You’re beautiful. Like Hollywood actress beautiful. Isla takes after you. It seems to me that Isla captures everyone’s attention, I love that about her. omg SWIRLS. I wish you had more pictures of swirls. LOVE the picture of Isla yelling at you and having a meltdown. It makes me feel not so alone. Elyza did her first “screaming momma, while pinching my arm” tantrum this weekend. All I could do was look away, ignore her and pray that this happens to every mom. Please tell me Isla did that at some point. You can even lie to me. At this point I just don’t want to feel alone. I love the perspective on every image. I love that you let us watch Isla grow up! These are stunning and what great memories. P.S. I see Isla with a diet coke; was my mom your nanny?ReplyCancel

  • Amanda Bergantino - These are awesome! It looks like you guys had a great time! So what are in these swirls? It kinda looks like a Miami Vice which is my favorite thing on the planet!ReplyCancel

    • jessicathomason - OMG what is a Miami vice??? It sounds so amazing!!!!! It could be anything and I would drink it with that name!! It’s just a frozen margarita with sangria swirled in but I swear it’s magic!
      Thank you <3ReplyCancel

  • Ana - These are beautiful, Jessica!! You’ve captured your trip in such a great way! I live in/ near San Antonio, and it’s so cool seeing the sights from your perspective!ReplyCancel

  • Sherri Davis - Loved every minute reading this. Love everything. Your story. Your daughter. Your adventure. So brave to take her on a plane. I don’t think I would have been able to do that. I know those meltdowns so well and how stressful they are on everyone. Especially away from home.ReplyCancel

  • Summer - What an amazing way you captured this trip…and all your captions are perfect.ReplyCancel

  • Agata Cicha - I never knew that looking at pictures can be so entertaining! I love every single one of them! They are so you! No posing, just an amazing eye of photographer who makes somehow everything beautiful and interesting even a..kinda creepy musician? You just made me want to go to Texas and I don’t eat beef! haha! The pictures, your husband took are stunning! Do you even realize how beautiful you are? Seriously! Isla with Sprite bottle! OMG! This girl will break so many hearts one day! Isla climbing the stairs? Can I have those wood panels? I just love your photography… I feel like I’m reading a great book and can’t wait to get to the next chapter!ReplyCancel

  • Christina - Wow these are amazing. You have a real gift for capturing moments & story telling through your images.ReplyCancel