ten on ten {august 2014}

This month is flying by just like every month does… always slightly faster than the one before it.

The big event of the summer so far is the manifestation of Isla’s first pony tail. It was a pretty exciting day for me when I managed to gather a few wisps of hair into the tiniest rubber band you’ve ever seen. Her hair is still kinda short so I have to decide if I’m going to keep the top long and tie up the back or vice versa. We (she) decided on a pony tail “like Holly’s” which is what you’ll see pictured below. 🙂

We are also into swimming, pull ups, pretend play, being naked 90% of the time and never wanting to eat anything except “beef treats” (Dum Dums).

family photojournalismsarasota lifestyle photographer2014-08-09_00032014-08-09_00052014-08-09_0004family documentary photography2014-08-09_00082014-08-09_00092014-08-09_0002jessica thomason lifestyle photographer

Don’t stop here – head over to the talented Felicia Chang’s blog to see 10 of her favorites. Something tells me it will feature two adorable little girls! 😉

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  • letters to our daughters {august 2014} » Sarasota Lifestyle Photographer | Family Photojournalism + On Location Documentary Photography | Vacation-Beach-Home - […] You are so special. So silly and happy. Wild and wonderful. Girly and tough. Just perfect. You rarely give me mooches anymore (I have to negotiate them for ‘beef treats’ aka Dum Dums). When I say “I love you” you say “NO MAMA”. You are incredibly independent. You’ll only go on the potty if you have your elephant stool. (Evidence can be found in this month’s ten on ten.) […]ReplyCancel

  • Carrie Ching Yuan - You are gorgeous!!! Love all of these, but really love the one of Isla in the pool!ReplyCancel

  • Christine - Oh my goodness. I just love your photos, your perspective, your black & whites… I feel like I know Isla! Of course it helps she’s around my daughter’s age and they seem similarly…spirited. That ponytail!ReplyCancel

  • Felicia Chang - Jessica! I love seeing you in the frame. You should get in it more. Please? I love the fuzzball hair in the light, I love I’s expression with her pup, underpants around her ankles (that’s common around here too). Most of all, I love that we have girls the same age so we’re in tandem, despite being on opposite sides of the continent!ReplyCancel