Taking a toddler for a walk… {aka how to burn 700 calories in 15 minutes}

So I was sitting on the couch with Brett and realized golden hour was approaching. So naturally I looked at my unsuspecting husband and said “I know, we should go on a walk!”

“What, around the neighborhood?”, he asked. And I thought to myself ‘ugh I have so many pictures already in the neighborhood but it’s getting late to go to a park and we’ll be so rushed’ so I said, “Let’s walk to Starbucks! It’ll be fun!”

I had visions in my head of grabbing a couple ‘street photography’ shots or some backlit sandhill cranes… you know, something good! Brett seemed less than convinced. “What if she wants out of the stroller?” he said. “She’s gonna love it! We’ll let her have my phone!”

And with that it was settled! We would walk to Starbucks! We buckled her in the stroller and she happily accepted my phone. She immediately navigated to Rdio and played “Treasure” by Bruno Mars. But then the song ended and maybe she’s heard Miley Cyrus one too many times but it just wasn’t doing the trick.

Two minutes in: “You said we’re walking to Starbucks. So why am I still sitting in a stroller?”

At this point we weren’t even out of the neighborhood and realized this was all a horrible mistake. How could we be so foolish?! Ha!

Ok fine, you can walk and hold Daddy’s hand on the way back to the house.


Ok so she wasn’t in to holding hands. Fine but if you’re gonna throw a tantrum can you just stand in this pretty light? Thanks!


Not pleased. Not pleased at all.


At this point she was loud enough to be heard a mile away so I held her for a while until she practically threw herself onto the pavement. Brett was horrified that I let her lay in the street while I took a picture. Seriously I was standing over her and she was not in harms way! Promise!!!


At this point I grabbed her up and ran the remaining 100 yards back to our house while she did everything in her physical power to free herself. Brett and I switched toward the end because my arms were physically ripping from their sockets!

Freedom at last! In the end, no one got a Starbucks and although I don’t think the entire walk was more than a quarter mile, I was definitely sweating by the end of it!


  • Brittany Lynne Gillman - HAHA I laughed so hard when your husband is wrangling Isla in the pretty light and you’re just snapping pics. Oh boy these tantrums are what I have to look forward to arent they?!ReplyCancel

  • Amber Michele Shankland - Well! The last time my family went on a walk like this my husband and I got in a end if the world fight and he ended up at sephora. There is absolutely nothing wrong with letting them lay on the pavement for a few minutes. Nothing! I really wish you would have found some sandhill cranes though… I love them. ReplyCancel

  • alana rasbach - so fun! i love your commentary. 😉ReplyCancel

  • Beth - I have a shot of Alex on a manhole cover that I sent to my mother and got back a shocked, “babies don’t belong in the street.” In my defense, the manhole was in a no cars area at Glen Echo Park in DC, but you couldn’t tell that at all from the photo.ReplyCancel

  • Nancy Poucher Dearwater - LOL! Beautiful pictures Jessica, but now come on, THAT is NOT my grandaughter, she never has acted like that for me! love that little strut of hers 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Maria Gernert Conover - Omg. Hahahahaha. So i have been over wishing that Elyza could just walk already because im so tired of her being on the ground and dirty. But from what I see of Isla, they r always on the ground anyway, wether they know how to walk or not. So what’s the point really.ReplyCancel

  • Agata Cicha - OMG! hahaha Somehow you always manage to make me laugh! You’re so funny and the pictures are so real and beautiful! That’s what I love about your photography, it just never ever gets boring. The light – AMAZING!ReplyCancel

  • Catherine M. - I may have been here once or twice before! You have a very patient husband to tolerate you clicking away while all hell breaks loose! 🙂ReplyCancel