Stuffed Peppers {I cooked!}

I’m someone who has big dreams of cooking elaborate, healthy meals for my family every night of the week but the reality is that unless it’s relatively quick and easy… it just won’t happen.
This meal isn’t that quick (definitely not if you have a two year old running around) but it’s pretty easy once you figure out how to cut peppers efficiently 🙂

This recipe called for rice and I’m trying to cut out starches, sugar etc. So I cut the rice in half and after I added up the tomato sauce and rice, each stuffed pepper has only 15 carbs!

So without further ado: Stuffed Peppers!

The recipe I used it linked above except I used half the amount of rice and used the kind that cooks in the microwave in 90 seconds (Uncle Ben’s wild long grain). And I didn’t measure anything. It’s usually not a problem.

Step one: I marveled at my beautiful 6 pack of bell peppers and took some pictures 🙂


I chopped off the tops of the peppers and discovered that the easiest way to clean out a pepper was to use a grapefruit spoon!


I also discovered that most of those pesky seeds are located just under the stem and if I could avoid cutting that part and breaking them loose, my peppers would clean out so much more easily. I probably should know that by now but I have never been much of a veggie chopper. I’m the worst at it. Like really bad.


But look how pretty 😀

I heated some olive oil over medium heat and threw in some celery and pre-chopped onion (I mean I can’t be chopping all day ya know!) I poured in the remaining 10 oz or so of Prego sauce we had leftover (next time I’ll choose a healthier choice, this did have a little sugar and probably arsenic) and a can of Rotel tomatoes (don’t wanna know if that is bad!)


In a separate bowl I mixed an egg, Worcestershire (don’t you love that word) sauce, salt and pepper and then mixed in the grass-fed (please let the labels not be lying to me) 90% lean beef. I squished it around with my hands (worst part by far).


I added a cup of the veggie/tomato sauce mixture to the meat and stuffed the peppers!


I then poured the remaining sauce over the peppers and baked at 350 for 65 minutes and it came out perfect! Sadly it was dark by the time dinner was ready so no pictures of the final product. Hopefully you get the idea! 😉

  • Maria Gernert Conover - Probably aresenic!!!! I didn’t realize you were funny, you’re so dry on facebook 😉 You need to food blog everyday! Forget about showering, or working or watching Isla…Just blog your meals!! I love your peppers. ReplyCancel

  • Carrie Ching Yuan - You need a speed light so that I can see your finished dinner! ReplyCancel

  • Becky Holbrook Thomason - I need you to take pictures for the cookbook I’m writing. I took some but they aren’t near as good as yours.