Running wild on Siesta Key

The beach just never gets old. Isla had so much fun running around in the water at Siesta Key Beach. I remember loving the beach so much as a kid. It was just so magical. I hope it will be that way for Isla even though she lives just a few minutes away and will probably see it 3 days a week!

I hope she never gets so used to it that she forgets how special it really is. She’s been coming here for 18 months though, and she’s not bored yet 😀

This is Julio. He told her she was very beautiful. She agreed.

She likes saying “hi” but she looooves saying “BYEEEEEEE”.

When you’re driving off the island and you see this to your left, you hang your camera out the window and pray for the best! It just doesn’t get any better.

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  • Ashley - You have to keep taking Isla to the beach! I need to keep getting my beach fix through your beautiful photos since I don’t live as close to one 🙂 She and Landon would be best friends, Landon continues to say, “bye” until the person acknowledges he has said it…and then sometimes continues until he’s out of sight.ReplyCancel

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