Ready for Easter!

The thought of hard boiling a dozen eggs just so Isla could (maybe) dye them and then we could make deviled eggs  throw them directly in the trash can seemed like not the best idea I’d ever had. First of all there is the question of how long eggs can sit out of the fridge.

And something tells me I would hide 12 eggs in the house but only find 11 of them until around the second week of May when a decidedly “rotten egg” smell would start coming from under the couch.

But then last week I spotted these amazing fake eggs at Walmart (ugh I know) and had to have them! Egg painting is such a magical childhood tradition and it absolutely had to be done and now I didn’t have to have the stinky egg situation in May after all!

I wasn’t planning on letting Isla paint them this early but she spotted the container and yelled “OPEN OPEN” and so with the light almost gone I quickly grabbed up my camera with one hand and set up the dye with the other, prayed for the best and snapped some images 🙂

The dye didn’t come out of her hands until two thorough bath times later. My area rug has a permanent green stain. But it was worth it. Plus these eggs have been sitting on the counter ever since and it smells great in here! 😉


  • Nancy Poucher Dearwater - I love it!! And they are the most beautiful eggs in all the world Isla Jane!!

  • Rachel Ascione - Jessica these pictures are fantastic! ReplyCancel