Letters To Our Daughters – September 2013

Dear Isla,

At a few days shy of 22 months, you are so full of sugar and spice! You make everyone who meets you fall in love with you. You are silly, sassy and completely full of personality!

Tonight (and the past few days) you and I have both been sick and I know I don’t have a lot of time to be on the computer tonight so I’ll make my letter short on words but heavy on pictures (I prepared all the pictures while you were at nursery school today <3) and since things have been busy there are a lot of pictures from the last month or so I never got to blog – so now is the time!

At 21 months old…

You love to dance and sing…



You love drawing. On anything available…


You love waking up in the morning to Chow. When you first wake up in the morning, you snuggle with me for a while before you really come around. But once you’re wide awake, you sit up and look around the bed and say “Chow”. And he’s always right there, every single time…


You love Doc McStuffins (and you love your DMS doctor bag!) and you still love talking on the phone. In these pictures you were talking to Nanny on speaker phone…


You love coloring books and Minnie Mouse and when those two things combine – it’s just heaven to you!


You’re at an age where you really love pretend play. Your imagination is limitless. You love your ride on car, your bouncy zebra and the kitchen set that I played with when I was not much older than you… (oh and you love Dexter most of the time!)


You love books and naming the animals you see and you LOVE numbers and counting (and teaching Goofy or “Hot Dog” as you call him, to read too!)…


You love Acrofit which is toddler gymnastics which is basically you running completely wild for an hour and ending with music, dance and “Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes” and marching!…


You love when Daddy gets home from work. You always run up to him and fight the dogs for your spot at the front door. You love being silly with Daddy too – singing the theme song to Big Bang Theory, chasing each other all over the house, and making up your own silly games and dances…


You and Daddy love late night snacks (Mommy does too but there will never be photo evidence of it… :))…


You LOVE shoes! And you’ve finally gotten to that adorable age where you put on mine and Daddy’s shoes and clomp around the house… This was just one of a hundred times you did this <3 This time I was able to coax you into some nice light and get some pictures!…


You love goldfish, crayons and Brobee 🙂 …


And I love you, so so much! I can’t believe you’re almost two! You make me so proud every single day. <3


Love you forever,

Mama (you finally call me Mama now!) xoxo


This letter is part of a blog circle each month with some of my wonderful photographer friends from Clickinmoms! Be sure to follow the circle to see what Allison has to say to her sweet daughter!

  • Rebecca Wells - She should really marry Grayson. I’m not even kidding. He’s, like, 5 months older than her. AND…funnily enough, he also loves crayons and goldfish and dancing and general silliness. It’s a match made in heaven!!

    PS – there are too many beautiful photos here to comment on them all. But I’m in love with the Minnie Mouse set. And the phone (don’t we all look like that when we’re chatting??). And the goldfish. And…them all. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • beckie - LOVE These Jessica! your photos are SO beautiful. I am exhausted just looking at these pictures – they so perfectly take me back to those very busy toddler days. Sweet Isla is such a doll <3ReplyCancel

    • jessicathomason - Thanks so much Beckie! I hope I never forget these days! They’re crazy and beautiful! <3ReplyCancel

  • Maria Gernert Conover - You posted this yesterday? How did I miss it? I love each and every single picture and especially the ones of her laughing. She is so blessed to have such wonderful parents. That little black, white and red outfit….EEEK! So stinking cute. ReplyCancel

  • Amber Michele Shankland - That black and red and white outfit is too cute! These letters make me too emotional! OMG! <3

  • Nancy Poucher Dearwater - Jessica ..These pictures are beautiful, you really capture Islas everyday antics spot on. When I see pictures you take of Isla and the sweet letters you write to her, I could cry!!
    I too remember you.. silly, sassy and completely full of personality! And I love you, so so much! I can’t believe you’re thirtyt two! You make me so proud every single day. <3

    Love you forever,

    • jessicathomason - Awww thanks Mama <3 I love you! Isla is lucky to have you around so much. You're an amazing Nanny!ReplyCancel

  • Agata Cicha - So beautiful!! The black and white picture of Isla reading book in that gorgeous outfit feels like going back in time when girls went to school dressed like this. I love the contrast between that picture and the ones in green T-shirt and big shoes. How did you get the ink off??:):) I love Publix shopping cart! Thank you Jesssica for sharing these stunning images!! Love every single one of them! ReplyCancel

  • Davina Gruenstein - Lordy! So many awesome images of your sweet girl! The last one with the mouth full of goldfish made me laugh out loud. Too stinkin cute! You have such a wonderful ability to capture her personality from every dimension. Lovely post this month, Jessica!! <3ReplyCancel