Letters to Our Daughters {May 2014}

Dear Isla,

When I started this project in January 2013, I swore to myself I would never miss a letter to you. But sure enough, a month finally got away from me and I missed your May letter! But even though it’s June 1st, I refuse to skip it altogether and in only 9 days it will be time for your June letter!

You have gotten to be so much fun! You always have been but you’re suddenly so playful and silly and different – it’s like you’re growing up and changing at an extra rapid rate lately! Your hair is getting longer and you can finally pull it up into the tiniest ponytail you’ve ever seen. That is something I need to document for sure – it is SO darn cute!

You are speaking in full sentences now which is so WEIRD to me! How can my newborn baby say things like “Mommy I wanna watch Ready Steady Wiggle” or “The doctor hurts!” or “Rawrsome!”. You really surprise me with how much you understand. You love to tell us the sounds animals make and you are so funny about it. Your favorites are tiger and horsey. You do the full facial expressions and motions along with the sounds!

The only thing you don’t say “clearly” is something I know you are doing on purpose because you can easily say “I want ice cream” but you have always said “Obiga hap seems” … “Obiga” is your super fast way of saying “I want a” and I really hope you say it this way for a long time because it is SO sweet! I know you can say “ice cream” too because when Nanny asked you if you wanted ice cream you said “NO! Hapseems!!!!” and she sent Mommy and Daddy a text message saying “What is hap seems?? I need to know because Isla wants it!” You are such a silly girl! For Mother’s Day, you even made me a construction paper ice cream cone with your favorite saying so that I’ll never forget 🙂


I know I say this every month but you still love to dance and sing – you have so much personality. You are more entertaining than anything on TV and we just watch you and laugh and laugh. You crack us up!

Favorite phrases:

“Sit mama, sit!” (you make us sit in certain places, certain chairs etc whenever you feel the desire!)

“Yook mama, yook!”

“Obiga hapseems”

“Hi boys!” (to the dogs)

“Who’s that?” (when we answer you, for example, “a bird” then you say “Yook mama, a bird!”)

“Oh no what happened?!” (if anything at all is out of place)

“Where’d he go?” (about a person or thing)

“Oh there she is!” (when you find something)

You do so many cute things and hopefully in the next 8 days I will think of more to write in your June letter!

These pictures are just a couple of quick shots I took the morning after we painted the bedroom and they’re so you! You slept in your goggles and your sparkly red Minnie shoes – you love those shoes! I have to hide them in the mornings so that you don’t insist on wearing them to school!

I love you so much sweet girl!

Love, Mama