Letters to Our Daughters – January 2014

{I’m so excited to be continuing this monthly project with several other mothers and photographers who have collaborated to write letters to their children each month. My letters to Isla from last year are treasures to me and hopefully to her someday. To follow the circle and read the other letters, just click the link to the next photographer at the end of this post!}

Dear Isla,

My sweet little girl. I struggle with what to say this month because it’s so hard to put into words just who you are. And I want to leave this impeccable record for you. And for me. Of what you liked, what you said, what you did. It’s all so extraordinary and magical and at times insane. And it changes so fast. You just called from the other room “Hiya Momma” and came running for me all smiles for a “huggie”. You love huggies.

We just celebrated Christmas, your third! But it felt like your first in a lot of ways. You don’t understand the concept of Santa bringing gifts but you recognize him in pictures as well as Frosty the Snowman and reindeer and elves. You are really getting the seasonal cues now (you still talk about “punkits” sometimes!) You absolutely loved the Christmas lights all season and on Christmas morning you definitely realized something magical had happened overnight! It was such a joy to see you take it all in 🙂

It’s January now and you’ve been 2 for 2 months. You are still changing weekly it seems. Saying more and more words and even sentences! It’s pretty shocking. You know what a camera is now and you say “pictures” when you see it. I hope you don’t start hating it but I feel like my days are numbered!

Some things you love:

  • Jake-ey and the Pirates
  • Dora Flora
  • Huggies (not the diapers)
  • Sofia the First and dancing to the soundtrack in the front room with Mommy and Daddy (and you yell “out out” which means “get up and dance” if we just try to sit and watch)
  • Music of all kind (you love to dance and sing and make silly faces for whoever wants to watch)
  • Mary Poppins (this surprised me but you beg to watch it over and over)

Things you say all the time:

  • “LOOK! It’s a _____” (you know what EVERYTHING is! Lions, umbrellas, boots, flowers, forks, just everything!)
  • “Oh no!!!!!” (if anything falls, spills, is out of place, looks off in any way at all)
  • Ya Poppits (Mary Poppins), repeated over and over and louder and louder until we play it for you!
  • “It’s a _____” (Minnie Mouse, Doc McStuffins, Mermaid – whoever is on her shirt that day) 🙂
  • If you beg for something (like chocolate milk) and we say “Ok you want a chocolate milk?” you say “Okayyyyyyy” like we’ve been the one suggesting it or something!
  • “Where’s Daddy? (or it could be anyone/thing)…. “Oh, they he is!”
  • So many other things that we haven’t figured out yet and it makes you so frustrated which makes us feel awful. You are learning so fast and you just want to know everything right now!

You are so smart, so spunky, so beautiful, talented and funny. And I know I say it every month but you just are! And each month, as you grow up just a tiny bit more, you’re becoming this incredible little girl and letting us in on exactly who you are a little at a time. You are such a gift.

Each night, Daddy and I say to each other “Can you believe her? She is so amazing” and we mean it. Because every day is like meeting you for the first time. You absolutely blow us away. I know you’ll keep changing but I hope not too much – because you are practically perfect in every way.






P.S. Follow the circle and check out Tricia’s photographs and letter to her dear children.


  • Cynthia - Jessica, I love your letter to Isla. She sounds like one amazing little girl but I know it is because she learns from you. Gorgeous images this month! She is a beautiful girl.ReplyCancel

  • Vironica - I love your letter Jessica! I’m glad that we’re doing the circle together this year. My Evan is 2 and 3 months and I kept on thinking to myself that she sounds a lot like Evan in what she can and like to do.ReplyCancel

  • Felicia Chang - Jessica, I feel like I know a little about Isla through your FB posts but am so excited about doing this project with you because you have an amazing way of expressing your love and delight for her! Gorgeous portraits and those little curls are just darling!ReplyCancel

  • Mickie Alderink DeVries - I love that you documented the things she is saying and liking right now. And the pictures are gorgeous!ReplyCancel