Letters to my Daughter {February 2014}

Dear Isla,

I took some pictures last week to share with this letter but this afternoon I found you doing something so you that I had to photograph it and immediately upload it for this month’s letter. You are obsessed with lotion and anything that can be squeezed out of a tube. We were packing for vacation today and I caught you sitting on the edge of the bed applying lotion to your legs and hands all by yourself. You had come to me with the tube of lotion saying emphatically, “Op-it, op-it” and then “haps” (hands) and then “thank YOU!” (you put the emphasis on ‘you’ and say it really high pitched – it’s adorable) <3

You have no idea you’re only two. You are so confident and self assured. You glow.

You are currently obsessed with:

The Wiggles

You currently say:



“Huggy huggy”

“Thank you”

“Oh day he is”

“Oh day you go”

“What’d you say?”

“Hiya Momma/Daddy/Nanny”

“Bubbles” and then blow a raspberry in our face 😉

You also have started to say short sentences like “I want Coke” and “What’s a horsey say”

You love to:

Sing and dance to the Wiggles

Explore every closet and drawer and cabinet you can reach and then bring us things and either say “Momma’s” or “Daddy’s”

Boss the dogs around

You do so many things. Sweet, silly, funny, crazy, precious things that I hope I will always remember.

I love you so much little lady.


Love, Momma


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  • Amber Michele Shankland - Jessica! She’s gorgeous! I love her outfit! It’s so Lilly Pulitzer!!!! I want coke too!!! <3ReplyCancel

  • Becky Holbrook Thomason - She’s sunscreening up for her trip. Can’t wait to see her this afternoon:)

  • Mindi Hochstetler - So cute I’m jealous you are going to the Bahamas ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Jones - Love, love love it! The concentration on her face while she is applying the lotion. Adorable!ReplyCancel

  • Danielle - This reminds me so much of my older daugther. She LOVES lotion and asks me almost every morning to put some kind of lotion on (my face lotion, or my regular lotion, or my “smelly” lotion – she doesn’t discriminate! LOL!) So cute! You will be happy you got these photos. Makes me feel a nudge to get some of my own daughter and our morning lotion ritual. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Vironica - I love her! She is so cute! I love how you always capture her personality in your pictures!ReplyCancel

  • Tricia - Oh, Jessica… she is such a cutie. I love this little mini-shoot of her… the light, the eyes, the concentration… so lovely!ReplyCancel

  • Mickie Alderink DeVries - I don’t think she could get any cuter! I love that you wrote about things she says, I really wish I would have done more of that!ReplyCancel

  • Nicole Crane - I LOVE how you recorded the things she says. That is SO great. And I love Lilly Pulitzer, too, so I’m totally loving on her little shift dress right now. 🙂ReplyCancel