Letters to my Daughter {april}

Oh my sweet Isla Jane,

There are days it’s tough to be the mama of a feisty, head strong little lady. Days when I wish you were content to play quietly, sit in a stroller without a fuss, make it through the evening without a meltdown. You want to do everything all by yourself. Even put on shoes that have buckles and velcro and are really a little too narrow to slip on without my help. But I let you. I watch you tackle every challenge with persistence. And I wait. I bite my tongue when I want to say “hurry up!” or “just let mama do it!”. I know how important it is for you to feel that achievement. That pride that comes with accomplishing something new.

For all the difficulty that comes with mothering you, nothing compares to the reward that comes with it as well. You are so determined. So courageous. So confident that you can truly do anything. It doesn’t occur to you that maybe you’re too little, too weak, too uncoordinated. It simply is not on your radar.

I could learn a thing or two from you. You have taught me to slow down, to be patient, to not sweat the small stuff, to laugh at things that will be funny some day (because why wait?). You’ve made me realize the biggest obstacle to achieving something is your own doubt. And you don’t have one single ounce of that.


You most certainly will move mountains 🙂 I love you sweet girl.



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  • Cynthia - I love that she likes to do things for herself. I know that can be challenging but you are so right about letting her. <3ReplyCancel