letters to our daughters {august 2014}

Dear Isla,

I am sitting at the computer holding you in my arms while I try and type this so I’m going to do the quick and dirty version this month. Maybe just a caption or quote for each picture will be enough to jog my memory years from now. I hope so.

You are so special. So silly and happy. Wild and wonderful. Girly and tough. Just perfect. You rarely give me mooches anymore (I have to negotiate them for ‘beef treats’ aka Dum Dums). When I say “I love you” you say “NO MAMA”. You are incredibly independent. You’ll only go on the potty if you have your elephant stool. (Evidence can be found in this month’s ten on ten.)

You have fewer but fiercer tantrums than before. You say so many long sentences – it’s pretty amazing how your little mind puts things together so rapidly. You are incredible. Sometimes I watch you bewildered, amazed, awestruck. My fascinating little girl. You are everything.

I was just thinking how incredible it is that the hair on this viking hat has held up for almost a year now! You pulled it all out later that day and we are pretty sure Chow ate some of it. 😉


You are super into Capri Suns and you HAVE to put the straw in yourself. “I do it mama!” Sometimes if you’re thirsty enough you’ll let me go ahead and help you. I love that.


I love how you are the perfect mix of princess and rough neck 😉


Complete meltdown at the beach, inches away from a guy trying to sleep on a towel.


“I made.” Now when you make something at school you usually say “Mama you made?” and I say “no Isla you made that!” … I asked her where we should put the chicken and she said “No not chicken! Cocka dooooo dooooooooo”. Then she found him a perfect spot.


You play with babies a lot now. Especially this one. I hear you telling her all the time “go to sleep baby” and pointing your finger very authoritatively. Which is hilarious because you have never been put to bed in your life! After feeding your baby applesauce (which you have never eaten in my presence!) you decided she needed a nap. You sat next to her while she fell asleep, such a good mama.


“Obiga swiiiiiiim” You always want to swim. You were crying to swim at 9 o’clock at night (15 minutes ago) before you fell asleep in my arms while I typed this.


You are such a feisty little girl. You love Katy Perry and know every word to “This is How We Do”. You put a huge smile on the face of everyone who meets you. You are absolutely extraordinary.

I love you…




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