Last call for Disney!

It’s that time again – the temps are rising and the tourists are flocking to Disney. With only a few weekends left before blackout season officially begins for season pass holders, we braved the crowds and took on Magic Kingdom for the last time this season. The weather was incredible, clear skies and not too hot. Isla had so much fun and even though she’s loved Disney since her first visit a year ago, she honestly seems to love it more each time we visit.

And at 37 inches, she’s now tall enough to ride some of the really fun rides like Goofy’s Barnstormer and the race cars in tomorrow land (which we showed up a little late for and missed our Fast Pass time — but next time it will happen for sure!) She is also obsessed with the Monsters Inc character even though she’s never even seen the movie. So we took her to the little Laugh Factory show which was actually really cute and she had such a blast!

She was crazy for the balloons and anything with Minnie Mouse. She looooved riding the horsey (the carousel). She wasn’t as into the splash pad as I thought she’d be which is fine since we didn’t bring a bathing suit or towel.

Here is a quick look at our day!

2014-05-19_00302014-05-19_00312014-05-19_00322014-05-19_00332014-05-19_00342014-05-19_00352014-05-19_00362014-05-19_00372014-05-19_00382014-05-19_00392014-05-19_00402014-05-19_00412014-05-19_00422014-05-19_00432014-05-19_00442014-05-19_00452014-05-19_00462014-05-19_00472014-05-19_00482014-05-19_00492014-05-19_00502014-05-19_00512014-05-19_00522014-05-19_00532014-05-19_00542014-05-19_00552014-05-19_00562014-05-19_00572014-05-19_00592014-05-19_00582014-05-19_00602014-05-19_00612014-05-19_00622014-05-19_00632014-05-19_00642014-05-19_00652014-05-19_00662014-05-19_00672014-05-19_0068And the tram was a hit as usual! I love this age! <3


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  • Beckie Pugh Lehlbach - I love these Jessica! we just finished up the third day of our three day pass, so this all looks very familiar to me, lol! I was too lazy to bring my big girl camera though, so I am jealous that you have such beautiful photos of your days. we all really enjoyed the laugh floor show, too! ReplyCancel