July Birthdays

July is such an insanely cake filled month in our family! We have SO many July birthdays!

Brett goes first on July 8th. Then 5 days later, his mom on July 13th. Then 5 days later, me on July 18th. Then 7 days later, my mom on July 25th. (Oh and if we’re including extended family my aunt is July 7th!)

So basically for the entire month of July our kitchen is filled with half eaten cakes and promises of not getting a cake for the next persons birthday followed by broken promises and more cake. Followed by a weight gain of at least 5 pounds every July. Followed by both car registrations being due.

All the birthdays are finally over and we can go back to pretending to be on a diet. But Isla was just getting the hang of this birthday cake thing! 😉


Thirty two? Really??

This card was so awesome. Brett recorded his voice saying “Happy Birthday Jessica. Neighhhhhhh”. The instructions actually said “try to sound like a horse”. He pulled it off perfectly.

My sweet girl loved licking frosting off the candles.

My mom bought me some new sweatpants since those are what I live in when I’m home (or anywhere but work actually). And a gift card to get something done about those toenails! Brett got me a subscription for Birchbox and my first package came a couple days ago! I ripped into it and started using all the amazing products before I could take a picture!

Isla now thinks birthday cake is just what you eat on Thursday nights.

“Don’t come near my candles Nanny!”

Icing on her toes already!

To save money we reused my 3 from the week before. We can put that $1.99 toward our registration fees!

  • Amber Michele Shankland - OMG that card!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! What registration fees?! Eek! I love cake!ReplyCancel

  • Alana Rasbach - so I love reading your blog. and the photos, of course.ReplyCancel

  • Brittany Lynne Gillman - I’m just gonna move in for the month of July next year if that’s cool ReplyCancel

  • Agata Cicha - I wish I saved this for tomorrow in case you’re not going to write anything because you have an amazing ability to put in a better mood 🙂 And I already had a good one after reading about walking with toddler. Don’t you love cakes? OMG! I’m into baking recently and every week I bake or make something else ( this week Tiramisu ) and then I’m begging Sebastian to eat it fast so I won’t. Of course you’re supposed to reuse the candles! Even the licked ones 🙂 Isla looks like she’s warning Nana with the fork “don’t you dare, it’s all mine”. And smiling after licking the candle? The most adorable little girl!ReplyCancel

  • Nancy Poucher Dearwater - Love me some cake , but ENOUGH! hahah love these pictures Jessica, and love sharing our birthdays together :)…….oh and the icing on the toe, the crooked number 3 above that came from your cake the week before. Love the detail 🙂ReplyCancel