Jen & Lee get married! {the Walker wedding}

It was 5:30pm on a Wednesday afternoon in June and gray skies were rolling in. Thunder was clamoring. A storm was most definitely inevitable. Typically summer evening in Florida, except today was someone’s wedding day. And I was the photographer (second shooting with the talented Nicole Houser of Nicole Kristen Photography). We pulled up to the bride’s parents beautiful summer rental on Longboat Key and buckets of rain were just being dumped from the sky. While we sat in the car, waiting for a little pause in the downpour so we could run inside, I couldn’t help but think the poor bride must be so stressed out by the weather. This was a beach wedding. Outside. I mean, what were they gonna DO?!

So you can imagine my surprise when Nicole and I knocked on the door and we were greeted by a beautiful bride with a calm smile and a look of complete serenity and happiness. No one was watching the weather channel or freaking out or even watching the sky. They were just watching each other, talking, smiling, laughing. I was a pretty neurotic bride myself. I was worried about every single detail and I checked the rain chances on an hourly basis for the 10 days leading up to my big day. Had the skies been black a mere 20 minutes before I was supposed to say my vows (outdoors) I would have been a complete wreck.

This family has it right. They knew that it didn’t really matter if the entire evening was rained out. It didn’t matter if they got married indoors on rental home tile or on a sandy white beach. It didn’t matter if the humidity ruined hair and makeup. Or if their wedding pictures were littered with umbrellas. It’s something I wish I had known when I was a bride. The truth is, all that matters are the two people who love each other rain or shine and the families that are celebrating with them.

The Booth/Walker family envelopes all that a wedding celebration is meant to be. Not a single worried look was spotted during the hour I spent with the family prior to the ceremony. Music was playing, everyone had a drink in their hand and a smile on their face. And you couldn’t tell where one family ended and the other began. And in a matter of an hour or less, there would be one family, not two.

The rain slowed and by the time the ceremony started there were just light rain drops falling from a sky that was clearing up. And by the time the couple had a chance to get a few portraits alone, the sky was perfection. But I don’t think Jen and Lee even noticed. All they were looking at was each other.






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  • Maria Gernert Conover - Okay. Stop. I’m blown away. These are just so gorgeous. And your words “And you couldn’t tell where one family ended and the other began.” So perfect and beautiful. ReplyCancel