Getting ready for baby {at home with Katy & Claire / a maternity session}

When I showed up at Katy’s beautiful home, I was greeted by the sound of the Frozen soundtrack playing in the background – and I knew it was going to be a fun afternoon! Her sweet daughter Claire is 3 & 1/2 and in just a few short weeks she will become a big sister to a little brother or sister. She doesn’t know which – but she said either way they baby is going to love sparkles. I have to say, I think she’s right! 😉 She can hardly wait for the baby’s due date and she’s so excited that it’s now June and that next month is July which means the baby is almost ready to come play with her! She’s even helping her mommy  sew a new quilt for him or her.

It is hard to imagine how a heart that is already so full of love for one tiny little human being can possibly stretch and grow to make room for another. How a home that seems to be bursting with life can contain even more. And yet somehow love always finds room to snuggle in close, to fill in the gaps you didn’t know were there, to consume you with a passion you were sure was all used up on your firstborn. Claire and her mommy have such a special relationship – one that will change and grow in time. But at it’s core, will remain the same.

Claire will never be an only child again and Katy’s heart will magically double in size when her second sweet baby greets the world. The days of “just you and me” will one day feel so far away and it will be hard to remember a time when things were different. While Claire will be the only child to ever receive all of mommy’s love and attention, the new baby will be the only child born into this family with not two, but three hearts already head over heels in love with them.


Years from now, when you can no longer easily remember what it was like having just one, I hope these pictures will bring you joy and sweet memories of the brief and special period of time you’ve shared with your daughter as an “only”.


I hope you’ll see these one day and get a glimpse into the beautiful life you have and the special time you shared with just mommy.

And to the precious baby-to-be,

Someday I hope you will look at these and see the joy, anticipation and love in the eyes of your mother and sister as they waited for you to join them.

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