Get Real Blog Circle – June

It’s time for the second installment of one of my monthly projects “Get Real”. See an explanation for this project along with the original post here.

Since getting real a month ago, I have found it difficult to shoot any other way! And so it makes it difficult to pick something really real that’s realer than other things you shoot for the circle.

I was feeling uninspired and at a loss for something to share this month that would be different than all my other realness as of late. And then I came across one of those Pinteresty blog posts called “What’s in Her Bag” or something like that. You know the ones. Where a photographer or blogger photographers her beautiful designer bag and gives you a peek inside. Things she can’t leave home without. Her favorite Dior lipgloss. Her oil blotting papers. Her Shout To Go. You know the ones. The posts that make you think “really? is that all in her purse at all times?”. Cause the funny thing is that I own everyone of those items I just mentioned and yet none of those items are anywhere to be found. They might have been in my purse at one point but definitely not anymore.

It made me think “I wonder what’s in her purse on a day she wasn’t planning on photographing its contents…”. And so, in the spirit of being real, I thought I’d share what’s really in my bag.

My lovely assistant Isla loves this game. 🙂

What handbag is complete without Dorito crumbs and 3 month old fast food receipts?

Winnie the Pooh looks on with pride at his discovered treasure.

I’m sure this Besivance sample from December of last year is still completely sterile in case of a repeat eye infection.

Not real sure why there is a pacifier in my bag. Isla hasn’t taken one in over a year. The bag is only 6 months old… an unsolved mystery.

Victoria’s Secret PINK lotion. Don’t leave home without it.

It’s very important to have color coded post it notes to help you stay organized.

Apparently half the contents of this entire bag are from the day in December I went to the eye doctor. Free yearly planner? Hell yeah!

Oh and look! I totally floss!

I hope this version of “What’s in Her Bag” left you feeling better about yourself!

Alright, now head on over to Maria’s blog and see how she’s getting real this month!

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  • Felicia - Jessica, you had the best answer for your uninspired moment! What a great idea! I love the shot of the eye drops with the bokeh :). Did isla run off with your lotion and pooh bear card?ReplyCancel

    • jessicathomason - Bokeh makes everything beautiful! Isla was gone with the contents of that bag faster than I could load the memory card! Ha!ReplyCancel

  • Catherine McAteer - Ok this one made me laugh – a lot! And of course you managed to find beautiful light and a super cute assistant.ReplyCancel

    • jessicathomason - Haha she is quite the helper!ReplyCancel

  • Amber Michele Shankland - I seriously cracked up that you had a pacifier in your bag! I mean I find them in my lab coat at work. I would totally blame Chase but he doesn’t own a solid pink one! I kind of love this blog post. That’s about as REAL as it gets. I could NEVER post the contents of my fancy designer bag on the Internet! Actually maybe I might…ReplyCancel

    • jessicathomason - I’m only 78% sure that pacifier isn’t Chase’s!ReplyCancel

  • Jessica Miller - Love this idea. Stealing.ReplyCancel

    • jessicathomason - Please do! I would love to see!!ReplyCancel

  • Jules Clark - I totally cracked up at this. From the mystery pacifier to your “I totally floss” comment. Too funny.ReplyCancel

  • Maria Gernert Conover - LOVE! I saw coupons…do you really coupon? I feel like it’s a facade…you totally put them in there to seem like you’re awesome right? Do I have to buy a designer bag in order to copycat this blog or can I use my dollar store purse contents?ReplyCancel

  • Ashley - I think your purse is the only real one out there! The ones I’ve seen look a little too accessorized. Thanks for an honest look!ReplyCancel

    • jessicathomason - Haha – thanks Ashley! Why do I get the feeling your purse is totally glamorous and accessorized?? 😛 I think since you’ve taken a Facebook sabbatical you should be required to start a blog!ReplyCancel

  • Ashley - Hahaha the only thing glamorous about my purse is the purse itself because I have an addiction, the stuff inside totally resembles yours! I don’t know if I could keep up a blog daily; I’ve considered it though because I keep being told to end my sabbatical.ReplyCancel

  • Jessica Thomason - Ew no I don’t coupon. I could never even pretend to keep up with that. I donated a dollar at Publix and they gave me those… In March.ReplyCancel