Easter Weekend Eggs-travaganza!!!

I narrowed them down as much as I could, but here are the top 3 billion pictures from Easter weekend!

I always say I want to enjoy the beach like a tourist. Like really GO to the beach. Overnight. Get a room. Go shop in the cheesy beach shops. Sometimes when you live somewhere you kind of take for granted all the awesome things right in your own back yard! So when Brett’s mom came to visit for the holiday, we knew it was the perfect excuse to celebrate like snowbirds! So off to the beach we went – even the dogs got to come!

We booked a cute little cottage just a super short walk from Siesta Key beach…


It was so windy and cold but Isla absolutely refused to wear her sweater. Even when we called it her “rockstar jacket” (Fresh Beat Band reference in case ya don’t know!)


I took advantage of the gorgeous light filtering the bathroom on our first morning at the beach… I just loved this bathroom. The water pressure in the shower was UNBELIEVABLE. I seriously would shower 3 times a day if I lived in 1959. I guess in the old days you were allowed to waste as much water as you wanted! They had it so good back then!


Well good morning! Aren’t you “egg-stra cute” today!


No Starbucks in Siesta Key Village but the LeLu Lounge wasn’t half bad!


Told you this place was vintage! Isla’s favorite toy (not the book).


The egg obsession begins…


Tervis Tumblers. With giraffes wearing aviator sunglasses? Um, yes please!


Aunt Trudy came to visit on Saturday…


She cracks her self up!


Our first beach outing didn’t last long – it was so insanely windy! The coldest April day in Florida I’ve seen in a while! We were all freezing but Isla (and the British tourists) didn’t seem to notice at all.


What?? I can’t hear you!


She loves nothing more than a good phone conversation with herself 🙂


Charlie and Dexter managed to escape from the cottage, sending us all on a crazy dog chase! I guess we worked off those chocolate bunny ears! Clearly, Charlie is exhausted from his prison break.


Later we checked out the village shops and celebrated the resurrection of Jesus with a daiquiri. Or two.


Just a mild tantrum. 😉


Somebunny hid eggs while she was napping! (P.S. I’m obsessed with that seahorse!)


The first of many, many, many egg hunts begins!


Easter morning!


Beach eggs!


She called Nanny to tell her Happy Easter!


Still hunting 🙂 Can we play this all year?!


Modeling the cute little outfit made by “Oma” (her new name for Brett’s mom). And a gorgeous Easter sunset <3




The long weekend flew by way too fast! We had such a fun time stay-cationing in our own hometown! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter holiday too! <3

  • Maria Gernert Conover - Omg. so MANY THINGS. Her little sweater looks like a cape. Their reflections in the water is perfection and the sunsets are so beautifully painted. In all the close ups that you do of her, she has grown up a little bit more which is so bitter sweet. It’s so beautiful to see them grow and so bittersweet that they are as little as they once were. I wonder what would happen if you replaced the picture on the wall of the lifeguard chair with a picture that you took. I think you should try it. Those tumblers at the Cottage? !!! I love that cottage. I love all of these. The no bunny ears, bunny masks to your sleeping pictures. Love them all so much!ReplyCancel

  • Amy Brownridge - So I had to look- and am so glad I did! And I’ll have to come back again- there is a ton to take in- I just love it! But that little hand and the egg basket on the couch = adore! ReplyCancel

  • Ashley - Wow, what a fun Easter! I love the shots you took of the bathroom. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Chelsea - Your family -especially Miss Isla – is SOO beautiful!!ReplyCancel