At home with the S family

It seems like only yesterday, Amber and I were instant messaging each other in Pharmacogenomics (just kidding we never went to that class) and taking over the world as Co-New Member Coordinators for Kappa Epsilon, our pharmacy fraternity (which is extremely professional and not all rainbows and unicorns). Okay it’s mostly rainbows and unicorns. Flash forward 4 years later and we have a couple kids between us, only 6 months apart. Life is about sippy cups and potty training and Bubble Guppies. (Well my life is more about the Wiggles but this post is about Amber not me.)

I’m pretty sure Chase was born like…. 6 months ago. So how is he a three year old? Time flies. It’s such a cliche but it’s just plain true. And when you become a parent it “lit-rally” (said in my Chris Traeger voice) zooms by at lightening speed. That is one of the reasons in home sessions are so important to me. The way things look, the favorite toys, the way it takes 20 minutes to negotiate which shirt your toddler will wear… that stuff changes. It feels like your child is into Jake and the Neverland pirates for FOREVER until one day, they’re not. And when that day comes, pictures of your boring every day life suddenly hold a value you never recognized before. So when Amber invited me to capture an afternoon in the life of her family – I couldn’t wait to take it on!

won’t ramble on too long – I’ll just let the pictures tell the story for me. But I hope they tell of a sweet and silly 3 year old and his parents that love him (and each other) so much. I hope Amber and Joey will look back and remember how he always wanted to go outside, loved jumping on the bed, and turned everything into a game. That he was as tender hearted as he was wild. And that what he loved more than anything, even more than Brownie, was a day with his parents just hanging out. At home.



Want me to capture your family at home? I would love to! Contact me for availability!

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  • Jackie Cuervo - Jessica, so awesome!

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  • Agata Cicha - The amount of toys this lucky boy has is unbelievable, it makes me feel like a bad mother 🙁 . Should I worry that Nathaniel doesn’t have favorite movie or character? Hopefully he’ll get there soon. I think it’s so adorable when they have their favorites :). I love his room and the sign above the window. My heart just melts reading this. And it’s so true that Amber can not have a bad picture. Love all of them! What a sweet, family!ReplyCancel