An afternoon with Lauren & Parker {at home documentary photography}

Photography (particularly this amazing course over at the Define School by Molly Flanagan) brought Lauren and I together. The photography community is so tight knit, supportive and just all around wonderful; the documentary photography community is all of those things except even smaller. It makes it feel like you’ve known someone all your life even if it’s only been a few months. Before I ever met Lauren we knew we shared a love for honest photography and Krispy Kreme donuts… so we were practically besties from the start.

Traveling to Florida’s east coast to visit Lauren and her daughter, Parker, was the highlight of my month. Their home feels cozy, welcoming, happy. Everything in it seems to have a purpose and meaning – from Star Wars pillow cases to stuffed Disney characters collected by Daddy for Parker. There is a quiet sense of comfort that surrounds you there, a subtle calm broken only by the sweet sound of toddler giggles.

Parenting feels so monotonous at times. So common. Having the opportunity to document Lauren’s day, just being with Parker, opened my own eyes to the beauty of what moms do every single day. When you’re living it, doing it, it doesn’t feel special or heroic. But then you watch a mom through your lens  you can’t help but think to yourself, “Wow. This motherhood thing is pretty beautiful.”





  • Bonnie - These are beautiful! So very real and I’m sure mama (and baby) will appreciate these many years down the road.ReplyCancel

  • Sharon Oakes Holland - Thank you for such fantastic photos of my daughter and granddaughter. They give me an eye into their day that I don’t have from 15 hours away. ReplyCancel

  • Eva Marie Mitchell - Thank you so much for sharing these. Daddy is my nephew and we live so far away. It is a delight to see these, both for family and as the beautiful documentary. ReplyCancel

  • Gloria Blau Profeta - Thank you for these wonderful photos of my grandauReplyCancel

  • Kelly Polizzi - these are beautiful and so real. love them.ReplyCancel

  • Antonieta Hernandez-Esis - how I missed this!!!…SO GOOD… Lauren you and your daughter are so beautiful <3
    GREAT job Jessica .ReplyCancel

  • Antonieta Hernandez-Esis - how I missed this!!!…SO GOOD… Lauren you and your daughter are so beautiful <3
    GREAT job Jessica .ReplyCancel