About Me


Hi, I’m Jessica.

I’m a documentary photographer living on the west coast of Florida surrounded by snowbirds and criminals.  I live in Sarasota but I was born in Lakeland and went to college in Orlando. This state is truly a beautiful and bizarre place. I really love the beach but I think it’s more the idea of it than the actual place. It’s so hot and sandy and you have to haul a bunch of stuff. But apparently I never learn because we go constantly. I mean the Gulf of Mexico at sunset is pretty magical.

I’m obsessed with meme accounts on Instagram. I often find myself down a Wikipedia rabbit hole at 2am (because what starts with googling the name of some obscure actor in an 80s movie ends with needing to know the full life history of Colonel Sanders and his entire family). I drink just below the lethal dose of iced espresso daily. I can’t seem to wean my two year old no matter what I do. And I refuse to consider that those two facts might be connected.

I’m fascinated by real life weirdness and I’m 100% convinced that nothing I could imagine, plan or hope for would ever compare to what’s happening all around me already. So when I photograph my life (or your life), it’s with no direction, manipulation or expectation. It’s with an observant eye and open mind. Our lives are so full of stories if we’re willing to watch and wait.

I have two beautiful little girls, a very patient and easy going husband, and a full time job as a pharmacist. In my spare time (hahaha) I teach a workshop called The Documentary Approach at Clickinmoms along with my three friends and accomplished documentary photographers (Lauren Mitchell, Heather Whitten and Felicia Chang). I also take a few client sessions per year so if you think you want to book – let me know as soon as you have dates! I’m available for in home or on location documentary sessions. (Contact me for details.)

Above: feeding flamingos at Sarasota Jungle Gardens / getting bossed around by Cora / bathroom selfie – Summer 2016 // Below: me on my 36th birthday and how I actually look about 87% of the time