A beautiful momma-to-be {Lido Key}

Oh my goodness! Pardon the overshare but this gorgeous momma just doesn’t take a bad picture! I partnered with Nicole Kristen Photography to shoot a special maternity session for my sweet friend who is due in the fall!

Besides having a beautiful model, the light was insane and for the most part the beach was secluded! Armed with my beloved Sigma 35, I was able to focus on wide angle, environmental shots while Nicole got some really stunning portraits of these two with her 85 and 105! Such a great combo and together, we were able to capture the full range of perspectives! So. Much. FUN! Nicole, we are definitely doing this again sometime soon!

Be sure to check out Nicole’s perspective on her Facebook page!


  • Amber Michele Shankland - Well I’ll comment in 3 seconds flat like usual. Stunning. Gorgeous. Amazing! I love that you both were there to get different perspectives. She looks like a model and you NEED to do this professionally! Whether you want to or not hahaha! Seriously. Perfect. They will cherish these pictures forever. Yay! <3ReplyCancel

  • Brittany Lynne Gillman - I love you. I just.. love youReplyCancel

  • Rachel Ascione - So I’m not engaged, getting married, preggars or an adorable toddler….HOWEVER I need pictures taken so I can appear as amazing as the ones you are taking! Great great job!ReplyCancel

    • jessicathomason - I would LOOOOVE to take your picture Rachel! Next time you’re in town – that is our goal!!! Thank you so much!ReplyCancel